Have you ever wondered how burglars decide which homes to target? Thieves are often opportunistic, and it only takes a second for them to take advantage of an unsecured home. The reasons why your home could be a target is easier to fix than you think. Are you guilty of these top five?

1. Unlocked doors

This sounds logical right?  Yet, a survey by finder.com.au found that 23% of Australians leave the front door unlocked.  This simple mistake is often the most common means of entry.  With opportunistic threats on the rise, a Home Security report from NSW Police found that most instances of break-and-enter in NSW could have been easily prevented by simply locking the front door.  This also applies to open windows or forgetting to lock up your car. The cost to you? Other than feeling violated and losing your valuable possessions, if you’re robbed and police conclude there was no sign of forced entry, chances are an insurer will be able to void your policy.

2. Keys left under the doormat

It’s ok, I’ll only be gone 5 minutes.  Famous last words –  That’s all it takes for a burglar to enter your home and take your possessions or take your keys and come back later.  The cost to you? Re-keying or new locks are not cheap. Keys left under the doormat is not home security!

3. Curtains left open with valuables in plain sight

While you are at work, burglars are out surveying their next job.  Don’t make it easy by leaving the curtains open and clearly displaying the goods!  Robbers care about their previous success in a neighbourhood, as well as their own personal knowledge of the local area and will continue to come back looking for an opportunity.

4. You’re having a party

Having a party? Burglars will target occupied homes if they think the people inside are drinking alcohol. I know right – who knew we now need a designated intruder watcher at our parties?  So get that diamond-encrusted smart device off the kitchen bench and pop it in a drawer.

5. You don’t have a dog

Now there’s even one more excuse to adopt a four four-legged friend. A dog can often be the best deterrent when it comes to home security.  In fact 61.4% of burglars said they’d be deterred from trying to break into a property if the owner kept  a dog.

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